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Launch of Season 3 of IdealHomesTV!

Launch of Season 3 of IdealHomesTV!

Ideal Homes Portugal is excited to announce the launch of Season 3 of IdealHomesTV!

Starting on 15th July, 2021, at 5pm GMT+1 | 12pm EST, viewers can expect to see a variety of properties across the Algarve - the first episode is not to be missed.....


Not only can you tune in every Thursday to see stunning properties across the Algarve, but you can also obtain insider knowledge from professionals and experts in all fields.


Spread across six episodes, IHTV will premiere every Thursday starting on 15th July and will cover brand new developments and properties across the Algarve. 


The launch follows Angela Worrall, CEO, and John Malpas, Real Estate Consultant, as they explore villas for sale in the Algarve. With amazing properties on offer, you need to tune in for all the details. 


You will also be able to obtain all the information needed in order to purchase property in Portugal, all in one place. 


The series will also cover more in-depth topics such as the buying process, property tax and expected rental income to what kind of appliances will be available, everything will be on hand.


We'll also be following the journey of property buyers who are looking to purchase a new home in the Algarve throughout the third season.


Portugal’s popular Golden Visa Scheme will also be covered along with the current changes and updates that are due to come into play by January, 2022.


All you need to do is fill out the form below and we’ll send the premiere link over for you to join us - It's FREE!


Here at Ideal Homes International, we can assist you with your property search, acquisition, financing if needed, currency exchange services, legal services along with assisting you with all your property and rental management needs.

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