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Florida Virtual Event

Florida Virtual Event

Exclusive Discounts on a Fantastic Rental Resort in Florida! Interested in purchasing a property in Florida? Wanting all the information in one place? Then you'll want to sign up for our Virtual Event running until Friday 16th April 2021.


Taking place daily over three platforms, this is your chance to find out more about our brand new, exclusive deal including a 10% discount on the first 10 properties sold on a fully managed resort with its very own water-park situated just 6 miles from Disney! Oh, and the furniture is included - What more could you ask for?


There will be am oppurtunity to speak to Chris White, Founder of Ideal Homes International, on a one-to-one basis along with a variety of experts, all dedicated to helping YOU purchase your dream holiday home.


From the buying process to property management and potential rental income as well as mortgage options, legalities, currency exchange and more. All the details you could need to help make an informed decision can be done in one place.


We will be hosting daily Zoom sessions, sharing exclusive information and videos on Youtube and Facebook throughout the virtual event. 


You can also book a one-on-one with our team as they are on hand to answer any and all questions you have about purchasing a property in this amazing resort!



Why has Ideal Homes International chosen properties in Orlando, Florida?


Orlando has been the number one most visited family destination for several years attracting over 75 million visitors in 2018. As a result of the pandemic, international travel has been halted for the past year but Americans have continued traveling to Orlando and overall travel to the region during 2020 was only down by 1/3. This shows the resiliency of the Orlando tourism market and experts project that tourism will recover to new highs with the pent-up demand. 


As a result, Orlando has been experiencing a real estate boom since the summer of 2020 fueled by people leaving other states and moving to the area. There is currently a shortage of property available with less than a two-month supply of listings. 


A holiday or vacation home is undoubtedly a luxury purchase made for the use and enjoyment of the owner, family, and friends. Yet when purchasing in an area that has all of the signs of sustainable growth, both as the top vacation destination in the world and now also as a booming local and international business metropolis, it is certainly a good bet that it is money well placed.


With 300+ days of sunshine every year and a new push towards outdoor living, Orlando has something for everyone. From biking, watersports in over 100 local lakes & rivers, hiking through hundreds of acres of natural protected parks, over 63 regional golf courses, and of course, the worlds’ best attractions. Orlando has been experiencing incredible culinary growth, now rising to the top of many national lists. 



Ideal Homes International will be hosting a virtual event until Friday 16th April, 2021.


Fill in your details below to receive the link to watch the premiere at 8pm GMT+1 | 3pm EST! 


There will also be a live Q+A afterwards, so you can ask all the experts questions about this resort and what you can look forward to by owning a holiday home or rental investment in Florida!

For more information, please get in touch with the team at Ideal Homes International on info@idealhomesinternational.com or give them a call on +351 289 513 434.



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