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Home to beautiful cities such as Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando, Florida is the third most populous state in the US. Known as the Sunshine State, Florida enjoys high temperatures and a lifestyle that draws over 100 million tourists from all around the world each year.


It is also renowned for being home to major amusement parks like Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld, resulting in a fantastic location for real estate investments to use as a new permanent residence, holiday home or as a way of generating an additional income through holiday rentals.


Some of the best beaches in the world can be found along Florida’s coast, with white sands, clear waters and temperatures averaging annual highs of 27ºC, with the lowest being 15ºC, it creates the perfect environment for individuals or families to sit back, relax and enjoy their surroundings


Other than aesthetic appeals, Florida is a location that benefits from brilliant tax incentives and with its dollar truly alive and kicking resulting in a $1.0 trillion economy - the fourth largest in the US.


In 2018, 45% of investment buyers and 6% of holiday home buyers purchased real estate to generate an additional income through rentals, with more than 70% of homeowners believing now is a good time to buy. Individuals or families looking to relocate may do so due to the advantages of relocating permanently, the biggest being that Florida is one of only seven states that does not collect individual income tax. As a result, someone who is in a high-income tax bracket could potentially look to save a large amount of money.